Thursday, November 27, 2008

Victoria B.C. Canada: size 0-2, height 4f 8"-5f 1"

Item: pink turkish jilbab (consisting of a duster jacket and a sleeveless jumper) and a matching square hijab. *garment has been lightly worn *fabric of the coat is warm so it is better for cool climates and seasons *the hijab requires a hijab cap to be worn under it to keep it from slipping, a hijab pin, and stick pins for styling---these are not included.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Shipping: this sister is willing to pay for shipping of this garment anywhere in British Columbia to a sister who owns two jilbabs or less. If you own more than two jilbabs, this sister is willing to have it delivered as cash-on-delivery (which means you pay for the shipping only-the garment is free) when the jilbab arrives to anywhere in the world that this option is available as a shipping method. Please do not take advantage of these listings. If you really own two jilbabs or less and cannot afford the shipping, request the sister pay. If you can afford the shipping, please request the cash on delivery method.

Sizing: The jilbab will fit an American size zero-2 and it is tailored to fit a height of 4 foot 8'' to 5 foot 1". (the hijab fits all sizes)

To request this garment be delivered to you please select the delivery method (cash on delivery or free in B.C) and send it in along with your shipping address (along with a contact email) to this email address:



M.J. said...

Salams, got a question... Is this only available for sisters with 2 or less? I have three but really love this one :/ I'd be willing to pay for it but also don't want to take away an offer some a sister that needs it, so if one asks before/after me I'd be willing to retract my request....

Pixie said...

M.J: of course, if I get no offers, in one month I'll see if it cvan be shipped to you.

Pixie said...

Uh, M.J. email me to let me know your addy.

Pixie said...

THIS ABAYA is pending shipping to it's new and hopefully happy owner, insha'Allah.